#1. What are the two main challenges with growing in Northern climates?

Select all that apply:

Gardens further away from the equator can have challeges with the shorter growing seasons. However, they may also benefit from the additional sunlight during those summer days. Checkout some of the extra large produce from growers in Alaska!

#2. Raised beds heat up the soil and extended the growing season by allowing you to plant earlier and harvest later.

Raised beds extended how long you can grow by raising  the temperature of the soil. See for yourself on how snow melts earlier in the spring in raised beds vs surround ground.

#3. Seeds should be planted in the soil as early as possible in the spring time to ensure your harvest will be optimal. When it gets warm enough, the seed will know when to germinate providing it with longest growing season for your area.

Planting too early can not only prevent the germination and rotting of seeds in the soil but young fragile plants can die if exposed to late frost in the spring time.

#4. If you plant your seeds too late, plants may not have enough ____ to grow to maturity

A plant will mature with time under the correct conditions. Without enough time you might end up harvesting prematurely resulting in lower yields and smaller harvests.